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  • Jonathan Isserow

Talking about love with 30 men at 6.30am! Denver Fellowship

My Churchill Fellowship is informed by the need to develop psycho-social interventions in men’s mental health that makes space for men to support other men lead happier and longer lives. So, when I heard about Dave Morlan’s 6.30am faith-based meeting in Denver regularly attracting 30 - 40 men of all ages, I knew I had to check it out!

Dave is the exceptionally bright and warm minister at Denver Fellowship Church. His men’s bible study group offers men — aged 12 to 70 — a space to come together to reflect and share. The men who attend come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and they have homeless regular attenders as well as some men from more affluent backgrounds. Dave says ‘We have teenagers and retirees. It is mostly white however.’

The lesson for the morning was Proverbs 1 Corinthians 13 and it evolved into a meditation on the theme of love, with participants sharing their thoughts and ideas on what propels them in life. One thing that Dave said about love which caught my attention is that its ‘other orientated and action orientated’. There is a strong focus on the importance of loving relationships - in all its forms from Agape to fraternal. This seems to be at the heart of his Fellowship and men are able to connect with other men at a feeling level. Speaking with Dave and some of the men afterwards, it was interesting to note that with Denver's increasing population, that the group might also serve as a kind of family in their absence. It suggests a space to address a father hunger that is often hidden. I was moved and inspired by the warmth and thoughtfulness of this men's group. Thank you Dave for making me so welcome and to Ian, Gary and Doug for your kindness

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