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  • Jonathan Isserow

Connection not Coercion in the Gender Equity Space with Ludo Gabriele

Meeting with Ludo Gabriele was a sheer treat. He is a is one of the warmest and most generous of people that I have met on the Fellowship. His work not only covers being an inclusive leadership advisor, he is also the author of WokeDaddy that is a treasure trove of blogs, videos and articles that address issues of masculinity and fatherhood.

There were many threads and new understanding that Ludo provided but one main takeaway message was his work in advocating that men be more recognised for their contribution and the very human plight of being needed and having a purpose. There is a danger of a culture and society being quick to criticise men. However, to bring them onboard, there also needs to be a culture of support and understanding. Repeatedly throughout my Fellowship, the centrality of the danger of men being disconnected from each other and from themselves and the enormous importance to find ways to establish connection and to do so in a spirit of support rather than any sense of coercion. Meeting Ludo has provided a connection of humanity and brotherhood and I very much anticipate staying connected to him back in the UK. Thank you Ludo for all your work you are doing in this space. We need voices like you!

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