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  • Jonathan Isserow

Churchill Fellowship set to (finally) begin!

Updated: May 5

It has been over 3 years since I was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to travel to North America to scope out best practices in men's mental health, suicide prevention and participatory interventions. I am delighted to write that after considerable delay due to Covid-19 pandemic, I can now undertake the first leg of my research, which will begin from the 30th May 2023. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to explore the psychological complexities of men at the intersection of the social constructions of gender, and, how this may often lead to a quiet unhappiness being missed in plain sight. I hope to enhance my understanding as well as potentially uncover innovative interventions on my travels. It is very much hoped that knowledge gleaned from the Fellowship will inform the field back in the United Kingdom. Please do follow my blog for updates on my Fellowship

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