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  • Jonathan Isserow

Blueprint for Change with David Kuhl

On Tuesday 13th June I had the unique opportunity to meet with David Kuhl while in Vancouver. David is Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at University of British Columbia. He is one of the most inspirational applied researchers in the field of men's mental health. In 2015 he co-founded Blueprint which is a university-based nonprofit organisation that strives to impact society by improving men’s well-being and enhancing their positive contribution to communities. Through research, programs and storytelling they transform the stories of men and those who relate to them. They provide men with a Blueprint for reshaping their role in families and communities. I was honoured to connect with David on so many ways. He too is interested in changing narratives of masculinity. He has focused on period of loss and transition in men's lives, as a liminal space to explore their experiences and understanding what it might mean to be a man. His current project Fatherhood Research Program focuses on collecting understanding and experiences of positive relationships with fathers. This is such a vital intervention to make space to champion fathers. I look forward to reading more about this program as it develops. David's depth as a human being in relation to the work he does cannot to be communicated in this blog and the men's health movement is incredibly fortunate to have him as a practitioner — researcher. Thank you David for making my Fellowship so memorable.

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